About Us

After a summer of disconcerted anchoring (no train wrecks but a regular feeling of unease) with our new boat we decided to begin looking for a new anchor. We researched a number of anchors, went to manufacturer’s websites, listened in on line forums, attended boat shows and more. One thing became very apparent. There were a lot of opinions out there and many people were happy to share them! Throughout our research, we noticed that for every positive comment about any given anchors performance, there were as many negative ones about the same type of anchor. One thing we found interesting was that there were very few comments about the Ultra Anchor. When we did find comments and conversations about Ultra, they were always positive, unless folks were discussing price!....We anchor out regularly, we prefer to sleep on the hook.  We are also acutely aware of how expensive boats and fiberglass repairs are. It sounds cliché but on most boats an Ultra Anchor is cheap insurance at twice the price. Ask anyone who has woken up on the rocks. Inevitably, we chose and Ultra Anchor. When we put it on the boat, it became immediately evident that it was far more aggressive and gave us an unmistakable “we’re set!” kind of feel!

We have been involved in the marine industry since 2010. Our business has revolved around niche and unique products and services. Ultra’s Marine Hardware For The Discerning Yachtsman, fit us like a glove. After starting out as a Canadian dealer we quickly recognized there was just too much ground to cover alone. We wanted to ensure we did everything we could to help bring these amazing product to all Canadian Boaters. We approached the wonderful family in Turkey and gave them a snapshot of our aspirations for the Canadian market. They agreed to support us in this venture and made us the exclusive Canadian distributor for Ultra Marine Products and we couldn’t be more excited to share these products with you!