Fehrway Express™

$2,499.00 USD

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What is the Fehrway Express™

Superior Quality

All components are made in North America using only the highest quality materials to accomplish powerful, reliable and quiet operation.

Ease of install

Because the Express was custom designed to fit your manual Sea Wise Marine® Davit. Installation is straight forward and simple.


The Express was built with simplicity in mind. We’ve made it easier to use your SeaWise Marine® davit with the push of a button. Just the way you and I think it should be!

Beautifully Designed

Custom stainless steel shaped to compliment your davit.


I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this product as it makes it easier to use your Sea Wise Marine® davit.


What’s included?

  • Motor - a robust and reliable 12 volt motor designed specifically for your Sea Wise Marine® Davit
  • Cover - precisely fabricated housing to protect the inner workings and enhance aesthetics
  • Switch - a marine grade 12 volt switch designed for years of trouble-free operation
  • Relay - high quality DC Relay designed for heavy duty operations
  • Installation guide - step by step guide to installing your new Express