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ULTRA Anchor

Manufactured in Turkey, the ULTRA Anchor range is the pinnacle of anchoring technology and design. Completely hand made from 316 stainless steel and hand polished, every ULTRA Anchor is designed for excellence.

The ULTRA Anchor demonstrates why a correct weight distribution and design is so important when setting and recovering your anchor. In fact, invert any ULTRA Anchor and it will instantly recover itself into attack position.

Such performance has been achieved with the innovative patented features this anchor displays; including a curved lead filled tip for instant penetration, a hollow shank for optimal weight distribution, concaved base surfaces for maximum holding power and large side wing plates to avoid release during changing wind or tide conditions. Furthermore, each anchor is easily recoverable with the flat pivot surface on the underside base.

The ULTRA Anchor is suitable for all vessel types and locates securely onto the bow roller. ULTRA Anchor range in size from 5kg (11lbs.) to 360 kg (800lbs.).
Sourcing Europe's finest materials and fabricated by specialist engineers, the ULTRA Anchor is supplied with a LIFETIME WARRANTY.

We don't compromise on quality or design, nor should you. Protect your investment in style. 

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    • Catches at its first drop.
    • Immediatly holds. Is not dragged.
    • Burries itself deeper and holds excellent under increasing wind condition
    • Even under changing wind directions never come loose.
    • Causes no problem when fitted to craft pulley.
    • Automaticaly shoots forward.
    • Naturally align itself to settle onto the pulley.
    • Due to it is made of 316 quality stainless steel, no further need for galvanizatio
  • * Hollow Shank: Enables weight to be concentrated on anchor tip.

    * Tubular Construction: Anchor cannot lie on its spine and recovers instantly to the attack position. Anchor will also load correctly into the bow roller.

    * Lead Filled Tip: Lead is inserted into the anchor tip, achieving the optimal weight distribution and ensuring the anchor will penetrate unfavourable bottom conditions.

    * Scratch-Catch Point: Especially, it is positioned at bottom. It prevents dragging and provides instant set when anchor moves.

    * Curved Tip: Importantly, the anchor tip is shaped downwards, ensuring a continuous setting under unfavourable weather conditions. Its angles on the other hand let it help anchor instant set even the anchor is not at the right attack position.

    * Max Holding Power Base: The concaved base/fluke has the appearance of a shovel and has extreme holding power with a grater surface area than conventional style anchors. The result is more secure, higher holding power anchor that will not release.

    * Flat Underside: Once you begin to recover the anchor from the sea floor, it pivots itself on the flat section and begins to release (boat should be directly over anchor).

    * Side Wing Plates: The ULTRAnchor does not release in a changing wind or tide, it performs a complete 180 degree rotation (while still buried) on its own length and holds firm. On the other hand, it helps easy transport and a continuous geometry on bow rollers.

    * Non Chain-Foul Bar: Often chain can foul around the shank of the anchor, resul-ting in the anchor not able to set. The clever design features of the non chain-foul bar ensures chain simply cannot wrap around the shank and provides the ability to attach a trip line. On the other hand, it helps easy transport and a continuous anchor geometry on bow rollers.

    * Reinforced Eye: Even under the most extreme load the shank’s reinforced eye will not bend, break or  fail.

    * Anchor Weight Detail: The anchor weight is stamped into the shank and identifies the  anchor size in both kg’s and Ibs.

    * Serial Number: Every ULTRAnchor is stamped with a unique serial number, ensuring your anchor is always identifiable.